Principal Message

"The beauty of collaboration between older and younger generations is that we combine strength with wisdom – a sure way to accomplish more for the glory of God."

Generation gap has been a perpetual phenomenon. There is always a gap between two generations. That is how the world has progressed from Stone Age to Internet Age. Still there is a clash between the two immediate generations for they are contemporary. Their success, failure and results visualized in the presence of each other. If the younger one fails, the old cry of experience and if older ones are not up to the mark, the stigma of being outdated is ready for them. Change is the law of nature. Needs and requirements also change with the passage of time. Youth is the age of innovation. They are ambitious and inspired by new concepts. But foundation of experience to this innovation is provided by older ones. If both the generations keep the importance of other in mind then the gap can be bridged very easily and a healthy society can be formed. Change in an unstoppable phenomenon. Old generation cannot help to hinder it. But we can make an effort in smooth sailing by adopting old world values and discipline.

We, at S.A.Jain, try to inculcate in our students a respect for traditions and values. So that they could become constructive and positive thinkers. It will be easy for a child to blossom if perfect training is provided and its fragrance will spread in the society.


I wish that we may succeed in our venture in the years to come.

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