School Uniform


Boys         :   White sleeves shirt with school emblem pocket. Navy blue pants ( VII to XII). Navy blue
knickers ( I to VI) Black shoes with laces. School socks, ties and belts. Navy blue patkas  for sikh students.

Girls         :    White half sleeves shirt. Navy blue tunic with school emblem pocket,  Black Shoes. School socks, ties and belts, white ribbons. For classes ( I to VIII), for classes IX to XII Salwar Kameez, Black shoes, School Socks & White ribbons.


Boys  :  White Full Sleeves shirts. Worsted grey pants ( I to XII) Navy Blue V-Shaped readymade sweater with school emblem. Black shoes school socks, ties and belts.

Girls   :  White Full sleeves shirt worsted grey skirts, Navy Blue V- Shaped readymade sweater with school emblem, black shoes, school socks, ties and belts. Salwar Kameez is compulsory for classes ( IX to XII), Navy blue V- shaped readymade sweater with school emblem, black shoes, school socks.


Boys    :  White Shirts, White Pants ( VII to XII)White Pants ( I to XII ) ( For Winter)
White Knickers ( I to VI ) ( For Summers)White PT Shoes. White Patka for Sikh Students.

Girls   : White Shirts, White divided box pleat skirt.House colour socks, white PT shoes, House ribbons.

Nur., K.G.                   As per School design

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