Parenting Tips

Parents should try to develop reading habits among the children as it helps them to understand the lessons in a better way.
Children should be given time to play so that they can channelize their energies.
Parents should try to spend quality time with their children. As they are full of varied experiences, the parents should try to share those with them. T.V. viewing should become a source of entertainment and knowledge. Parents should see to it that children are watching educative programmes. Parents should also involve the children in performing the daily chooses like taking care of their toys, making the bed, ironing small clothes etc. it gives a sense of responsibility and belongingness.
Children should be praised for doing any good work. They must get love and respect as they will give it back to the society.
Parents should also encourage their children to follow a set time table as it will help In developing discipline among them.
Parents should also tell their children the importance of taking care of their environment. They must keep everything neat and tidy. They should also learn to conserve water an energy and be a helping hand in maintaining ecological balance.
Questions and queries arising in the minds of young children should not be left unanswered. They must get a satisfactory answer.
Parents should also remember that capacities and capabilities of all the children are different. They must not be compared with other children to underrate them.
Health of our kids/ children is more important than anything else, so sick children should be allowed to take rest instead of coming to school.

Enjoy with your children.


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